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UK Nationals

This year sees the Hangover from Hell Convention hosting the UK Nationals for the Lord of the Rings TCG by Decipher. This entire event is kindly sponsored by Hobbygames, and the convention organizers wish to thank Hobbygames for all their support in making this event possible and providing some excellent prize support. What follows is a breakdown of the tournament and the prize support.

Tournament ID:  UK LotR Nationals (Sponsored by Hobbygames)
Date: Sat 29th Nov 2003
Registration Time: 10am (or before by e-mailing the TD)
Start Time: 11am
Style: Swiss
Format: Standard Constructed (please see for banned cards)
Rounds: 7 plus a final confrontation for the top two players
Deck Lists: Yes
Cost: 5
Prize Pool: Winner will receive a Trophy, T-Shirt, Continental and Worlds Day 2 Bye, Denethor Promo Card, plus Hobbygames have agreed to pay for the winners travel costs to the continentals to be held in 2004. (Subject to conditions). Plus other small prizes.

2nd Place will receive a T-Shirt, a Continental Day 2 Bye, Denethor Promo Card, plus some other prizes.

The rest of the prize pool will be made up of boosters, beads, T-shirts, magazines, promos plus whatever else we can get our hands on. Everyone who completes the tournament will receive some prizes.

Draft Tournament

This tournament will be a little different to other hosted this year. While the RotK boosters and starters will be out, the RotK draft packs will not be. So to have a bit of fun this draft tournament will be a little different. You will need to bring a Frodo and Ring from the RotK set as well as 9 sites from that expansion. Each player will then receive a TT draft pack and 3 RotK boosters to draft with. This should make the tournament incredible fun to play in. This is not confirmed yet as we still need to test the format but I think it will work ok. The final choice will be decide by the players on the day.

Tournament ID: Draft Tournament
Date: Sun 30th Nov 2003
Registration Time: 11am
Start Time: 12am
Style: Swiss
Format: Draft - Bring a TT and RotK Frodo, Ring and Site Path
Rounds: 4
Deck Lists: No
Cost: 10
Prize Pool: Boosters, Promos, and Foils