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Hangover from Hell Convention 5!
18th and 19th of November 2006
Bishop Games - Coventry

For those of wishing to use the new B5 cards from the Vorlon and Anlashok expansions for the tournament held at Hangover this year they can be found  here

Directions to the event can be found here.

Tournaments to be held this Year

Saturday's tournaments will include:

  • UFS - PreRelease Event of the SNK Set - 11am Start - £12 entry fee
  • Battlestar Galactica - Constructed Multiplayer - 11am Start - £TBC
  • LotR - Sealed event - Start after the UFS - £5 entry fee

Sundays events will include:

  • Babylon 5 - Constructed - (Vorlon and Anlashok legal) - 12pm Start - £1 entry fee
  • Eve - Sealed Event - 11am Start - £12 entry fee
  • LotR - Sealed King of the Hill Event - £5 entry fee - Start TBC

All weekend we will also be running drafts of VS TCG, and other events as people ask for them. More information can be found on the tournaments page.

Accommodation recommendations

A new page has been added to help those who need accommodation when traveling to Hangover. If the advise is not sufficient please use the e-mail address at the bottom. The page can also be accessed by the local suggestions link under Accommodation.

Costs Confirmed for the Convention

The entry costs for the convention have been confirmed. Usual attendee's will be grateful learn that the costs have decreased since last year. That means that the costs will be:

  • £1 - for a weekend pass.

As an added security measure this year though, your convention pass will contain a code number. This code number will need to be registered, each time you enter an event. It is not enough to remember this number either, your pass must be shown to actually enter any event this year.

Note: Tournaments entered may incur additional costs to that provided by the convention entry fee.